I search a cheap Document Scanner or Multifuntional device

Hi Guys,

I ´m from Germany and I bought a Kodak Multifunktional Device (5500) yesterday.
Today i send that cuel device back to the dealer. It was very very horrible under 10.5.
Now, I know, there´s the Fujitsu 510M and 500M who shoud work fine? But that´s a lot of money for a home office.

Could somebody give me a tip what multifuncional device or Document scanner is cheap and works fine under 10.5 and Devonthink Pro.

Seriously, there’s nothing like the ScanSnap. It can go through literally THOUSANDS of documents in a day.

It’s liberating, and will let you get rid of all the excess paper you have around.

It’s worth the price.

I will also say the ScanSnap is wonderful for a small home office. The integration with DTPO is super. Yes, I also choked on the price at first, but in the end, it’s well worth it.

Ok guys,

i bougt a Scansnap 510M at amazon.de. I hope this device works fine with Devonthink. Thank you all very much to find my decision.

I just got mine. Love it. Rips thru stacks of paper.