I think DT To Go is renaming (and moving) linked PDFs

I keep PDFs in a folder on Dropbox. I then import these into a sync’d database as links. This has worked great across two macs and two iOS devices. (Macs still running DT Pro 2)

However, concurrently with syncing activity from the latest version of DT To Go, I have noticed that files with a slash in the name ( “/” ) are now put in folders, broken by the slash.

E.g. My Dropbox folder is called “Articles”. A file named “This/that” in that folder is now a PDF named “that” in a new folder called “This” within “Articles”.

In other words, after months of working just fine, it seems like DT To Go is messing with files with a “/” in the name…

Any tips?


PS- it seems like this is associated with DT To Go “Adding previews to nn items” (nn is a number)
PPS- The link to the renamed file still works! Even though it is a renamed PDF in a new subfolder.
PPS- for some reason, the renamed file also has an additional .pdf added. E.g. it is now called “that.pdf.pdf”
PPPS- It is worse than I thought. Something has added “.pdf” to > 6000 of my PDFs in the synced folder. The links within the Devonthink database are intact, but links from my Bookends database are broken.

Are these items in an indexed group? Version 2.7.3 with a bug fix is waiting for Apple’s review already for a day and will become available immediately when it has passed the review.

This is likely another irregularity that we have just fixed. If you would like to receive a TestFlight build please contact me personally.

I have not indexed the Finder folder - rather, I drag in PDFs in while holding command-option.

Because the app was damaging my file organization, I deleted it from from my phone.

Fortunately, I was able to roll back my Articles folder to before opening DT To Go using Dropbox’s Rewind function (thank goodness for that!). That saved me an enormous amount of work/hassle. I also deleted my syncstore on Dropbox and used a laptop that had not been opened since this all started, allowing me to roll back to a version of DT Pro (i.e. Mac OS) with an un-sullied database.

I will re-upload to a new syncstore from the pristine laptop and start over. I have Time Machine and Carbon Copy cloner backups, too, but this was probably the easiest way.

Before resuming use of DT To Go, I will likely create a dummy database to test first. Would it help you to test a preflight build? I might be able to do that. Otherwise, I am inclined to await a full release.


Yes, that would always be helpful.