I think I screwed up deleting a database

No disaster, since I had migrated all of the content. I had a database sync’d across my two Macs, ipad and iphone. I have reorganize a little and moved all of the content to other databases so that it was mostly empty (a few things that I didn’t need any more). Then on my main mac (iMac) I deleted the database from the File Menu. I probably should have stopped syncing it first.

Now on the other three devices, when I look in the Sync Preference it shows up as “Remote”. I have no idea how to get rid of that. (It isn’t causing me any problems, just jangling my OCD nerve a bit :slight_smile:

What other three devices?

The other mac, my ipad, and my iphone.

Select the sync location in DEVONthink and Control-click the database in the Remote section of the Databases list, and choose Clean Database. That will remove the sync data assuming you have none of the devices still syncing that database.

Gracias señor.

De nada. :wink: