I use DT Pro Office 2.x on three devices, and with no other users: Will I still need one additional "seat" for DTPro 3?

I understand the need to contain the use of single licenses. But surely I am not the only user of DTP Office (since v.1.x) to work on 3 devices (2 different sized laptops and a desktop). Will we be paying an “extra” premium for the upgrade thereby? The activation and deactivation of single devices is not a solution; I travel, and bring one or the other of the laptops. Thanks for any clarification.

As discussed at length elsewhere on the forums, over 85% of our users work on one or two Macs. The license you purchase provides two seats. Additional seats can be purchased as the need dictates.

Straightforward enough. I’ll shell out. You gave us a long run on v.2.x, so I can’t complain… It would have cost at least as much for interim updates on a more normative schedule. Thanks for getting back to me.

You’re welcome. Yeah, time flies when you’re developing and maintaining multiple apps through multiple operating system and hardware changes… 11+ years in the making, all told!