I want my own, home-made metadata :)

Hi! A few thoughts about metadata. I’d like to share my thoughts with DT users.

Yesterday I started using an extremely useful (at least for me) piece of software: SpotMeta. It lets you create your own metadata tags with a very easy to use editor, so you can add Spotlight-searchable metadata tags to any file or folder, even for files normally not indexed by Spotlight. Then Spotlight gets smarter and so do smart folders. You’ll find it here. It’s still in beta.

But all these user-made metadata tags are lost when indexing the files into DT :frowning: I’ve seen somewhere on this forum that DT Pro 2 will be Spotlight-savvy. Great. Really DT Pro would be a killer app if these metadata tags could be imported. Devontechnologies developers, allow my files to have their own, home-made metadata tags in DT and I’ll be the happiest DT user on Earth :slight_smile:
I would like to know what you think about all this.

No promises yet but it’s at least not that unlikely…

OK, I’ll wait. I’d like to know what DT PE & Pro users think about this.

PS-Christian, pardon me for being completely off-topic but what about an RSS feed for this forum? :wink:

It already exists. In Safari, go to anyhere in the forum and click the RSS icon that appears at the end of the URL in the Location Box.

It already exists. In Safari, go to anywhere in the forum and click the RSS icon that appears at the end of the URL in the Location Box.

(Sorry for typo)

:question: I can’t see the RSS icon in Safari.

Use this link (at least found by DEVONagent’s Objects drawer :slight_smile:):


Cool. Now I have this forum in my newsfeed reader :bulb:

Sorry. In Safari, go to Preferences, click on RSS, and choose your Default RSS Reader. (Devon Agent is also an option). Then you will see that RSS icon after the appropriate URLs.

Other options are to check Bookmarks Bar to see how many unread articles are waiting (warning; creates compulsive RSS reading), and to color the new articles, so they stand out from the ones you’ve already read.

howarth is on the mark about the potential of RSS lists to trigger compulsive behavior. That’s why I dare not use RSS much. :slight_smile: