I want Tag functionality without having to use these buggers. Can I?

Rookie question from a new user.

Some years ago, the late-great Bill DeVille made the case on this forum for essentially never using tags, except temporarily (“temporarily” as in; to ultimately improve workflow in establishing the directory structure of groups, and assigning files to them for the first time). This comment sold me and that’s exactly how I’ve gone about building my first database, which remains a work in progress.

My challenge, however, is probably predictable: Say I wish to replicate into a very granular sub-group–a sub-group which itelf exists in an hierarchy of sub-groups on the same topic–my desire would be to have my replication also show up in higher rungs from that sub-group, too? For instance, if the group is called Leaves, I would like my replication to there, but also accessible or otherwise show up in the parent group-names above “leaves”–i.e. Twigs, Branches and Limbs.

My question is; is there a better way to do this, than manually replicating into each higher tier above “leaves,” as well?


What’s actually the purpose of having a replicant on each level?