I want to display the contents of my Favorites folder at all times


After displaying the contents of a folder registered in Favorites, when I close the DT3 application and reopen it, the contents of the upper hierarchy are displayed.

Is it possible to display the contents of Favorites as they are?

Version 3.8.2

Can you clarify this?
Are you saying the state of the Favorites - closed or opened - is not preserved between launches of DEVONthink?

  1. Launch DT3
  2. Register folders in the DT3 database as favorites in the sidebar
  3. Display the contents of the folder registered as a favorite
  4. Command + W
  5. Launch DT3

I’m seeing no issue with the state of the Favorites or its selection being preserved betwen launches.
What OS are you running?

macOS Big Sur
Version 11.6.4