I want to upgrade to DEVONThink 3 during sale but wondering about DT4

I currently have DEVONThink Pro 2 but want to upgrade to 3 Pro, during the Summer sale, but curious to know how soon will DT4 Pro be out. I don’t want to upgrade only to find out I will need to pay to upgrade to DT4 Pro shortly afterwards. I know DT3 has been out for quite a while. Also if there is a beta version, I would love to try it out. I oftentimes beta test apps.


Welcome, Chad!

This topic was discussed here a couple of weeks ago.

You won’t regret buying now: DT is a truly marvellous piece of software… version 3 (for which a trial version is available) will be around for some time yet.

Good luck!


I second that - you won’t regret it…


I second @mksBelper’s welcome, @yhchad

I guarantee you DEVONthink 4 is not going to be released shortly and there are no betas of a version 4 available to test.

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