I would like to create pictures for handwritten notes direct


after a long time just working with the Finder I am returning to DevonThink to improve my lectures I capture on screen. Quite excited to be back! :slight_smile:

I am using presentations as a basis for the lecture screencapture, but sometimes write on screen as if it is a white board – with the bamboo tablet and pen. For the time being I could use an app like Graphic Converter (I tested several, this works best with the pen in my experience), copy all and create a new item in DTPO from the clipboard.

–>But it seems easier to create a canvas (with fixed size) directly from within DT and have have the whiteboard saved immediately in DT.

–>Anyway, I am surprised that this is not yet integrated, since sketches etc. may be a feature that several people use. Just a guess…


+1 for this.

If you need canvases, you could create a few templates and then use Data > New From Template > … at the start of your note taking session. For example, you could mock up a Cornell note taking template or use the one that comes with DEVONthink – print it to PDF. Then, save that PDF to your Templates folder and you’ll be able to create new Cornell sheets on the fly.

Create a new document based on the template, open it in Preview or PDF Pen or Acorn or whatever you’re using for capturing pen strokes. Take notes. When finished, save the document and your notes will automatically be available in DEVONthink.

The Cornell PDF template is just one possibility – any app that accepts pen input and saves documents could be used to establish your library of note taker templates.

Thanks Korm for this excellent tip :smiley: