iCal support


a while ago Christian Grunenberg said that you like to add better iCal support. Can you say anything about it?

At the time being, neither the entry in the right-click menu nor the script is working. Right-clicking does nothing, the script brings up an error dialog box from iCal or says I should create a calendar in iCal first - well, there are already some :wink:

Copying a link to a document in DTpro and pasting it into an iCal event (into the URL field) doesn’t work also. Clicking the link in iCal open up the browser with the document’s title in the URL field - this is not going to work.

I would like to see a convenient and working integration for reminders and resubmissions. It should be possible to set specific dates (not only tomorrow or next week) and link back to DTpro (the document) in iCal, when the reminder pops up.

Kind regards

Calendar scripting is unfortunately not that reliable due to bugs in Calendar.app, does it work after restarting the calendar? Which version of Mac OS X do you use?

Sorry, no. Restarting iCal does not lead to success.

Trying the “appointment” script (is it? I have a german version running.) brings up:

Error when adding item to calendar
Please setup at least one calendar in Calendar.

This is a DT dialog box. Yes, I don’t have a local calendar in iCal, only iCloud calendars (many of them).

Trying the “task” script brings up a dialog box with all my calendars (and “folders” in Events/Reminders) where I can choose one and ends with a dialog box saying:

Der Server meldet einen Fehler
https://......icloud.com/...../principal is keine gültige URL, die diese Anfrage unterstützt

(Sorry, all german. Might translate into: server has encountered an error. …/principal is not a valid URL,…)

Using the right click menu and choosing “New from template -> Addresses and appointments -> Calendar event” (or whatever the translation is - but you might get it anyway) does simply nothing.

Wouldn’t it be delightful to have a working integration. An iCal reminder linked to a document in DT by simply right-clicking in DT and choosing set reminder to…


“iCal” doesn’t exist in newer versions of OSX, do you really mean iCal or are you using Calendar?


you’re right. iCal is gone - I am using Calendar :wink: