iCeCoffEE.ape revisited

Anybody have any recent negative experiences with latest versions of iCeCoffEE.ape (1.4) or Unsanity Application Enhancer 1.4.2?


Now that you mention it… yes.

I used to advocate the harmlessness of APE, in spite of the many warnings. But at some point I began to notice annoying problems, I think when Panther came out, the worst of which was that my display would freeze, requiring a hard reboot. This usually happened when I was downloading something from an FTP server through the Finder. Now, the Finder’s FTP service is of course kludgy, but doesn’t usually freeze the whole machine! I tried variations of completely eradicating all APEs, then introducing one or two again.

My conclusion was to do away with them entirely, since even one APE seemed to cause problems; I found the more APE modules, the more problems. As I’ve had no freezes since, I don’t think I will be using APEs any longer.

I should have specified any negative experiences with DEVONthink.

I’ve been using eleven of them for quite sometime without any problems expect for Inspiration, Fetch and QuicKeys. Disabling them in the Ape manager fixed their issues.

Thanks for your reply

The most critical issue about haxies, contextual menu plugins or input managers is that those extensions can access DT’s memory - the memory protection of OS X only prevents one task from accessing the memory of other tasks but those extensions are part of DT’s task.

Therefore every memory management bug of those extensions could be very dangerous and cause crashes or (in the worst case) wipe out data.

I use ICeCoffEE in DT quite a lot (25-50 times daily, sometimes more) and have never had any problems…it’s a great convenience and time-saver.

In fact, I use a slew of haxies and have never had any problem in any program that I could attribute to their use. I can’t say this is due to clean living, maybe it’s just dumb luck :wink:

If it helps: G5 dual 2, OS 10.3.5. DT is in my startup items.


A quick look at your logs will reveal whether or not a given haxie is really the problem. There’s been an awful lot of heresay and emotional reactionn to Unsanity’s software, primarily because they show up on crash logs–which has nothing to do with analyzing whether they played any part.

The developer not too long ago addressed this issue; probably a copy on their site.

I have been running a number of Unsanity tweaks since Jaguar with, in general, no problems. Menu Master doesn’t get along well with Panther, not on my system - and that’s evident in the system log. . . But if it weren’t for ShapeShifter and some really well-designed Themes that subdue and organize the interface, I’m not sure I could have borne OS X.

I’m not sure why, among what must certainly be a geek-scientific community, there is so much emotional thinking about things like . . .well, for example, “haxies.” Strange!