iCloud Support - finally implemented?

I’ve just installed my copy of DEVONthink Office Pro today and while I was trying to figure out how everything works I made a surprising discovery. When I search the preferences section for possible cloud solutions to sync DEVONthink on my Mac Mini and also on my iPad, I found out that there is a (new?) choice: iCloud.

I have been told over the last few days that it’s not possible to synchronize DEVONthink using Apple’s iCloud, however, it’s there in the preference section of DEVONthink. So I wonder whether has finally been implemented (without any restrictions)?

I’d be grateful if someone could just verify or deny my latest discovery and the conclusion I arrived at.

Thanks a lot for any advice!

Please post a screencapture of what you’re looking at.


I’m running DTPO v 2.9.14 and, like some others who have exceeded their Dropbox storage, I opted to move to iCloud and pay Apple instead.

I created the sync store without issue by adjusting the store location accordingly on my Macs to point to iCloud Drive - same sync store with the same credentials. I ticked all the boxes against all the databases and the initial sync seemed to work fine.

However, even whilst the synchronisation status show that each database is regularly being synced, they’re not.

I created a test note on each of my Macs and manually synced at both ends - nothing changed, except the text beneath each database giving me an assurance that the the last sync occurred a minute ago on both DTPO instances.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Is anything reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?

No - the log is empty.

Interesting to note though that the “sync” across all databases occurs is less than a heartbeat. It’s almost as if DTPO isn’t able to actually update the iCloud sync store - just getting a closed door, so to speak.

Sync updates a local syncStore. It’s up to iCloud to do their part of the syncing.

So - after many hours, there’s still no change.

If I read you right, you’re saying that once DTPO has done whatever it needs to do (albeit in less than a heartbeat which seems to me to be absolutely nothing), then the actual sync is down to some Apple process that performs some form of magic?

In a nutshell, iCloud support doesn’t seem to be there at all.

Is there anyone out there experiencing the same iCloud issues as me?

No magic. It’s iCloud doing what it does. And yes, DEVONthink Syncs to the local iCloud location. iCloud does its sync at its leisure.

It is indeed supported. I just set up a new one and Synced as expected. Note the message in the bottom of the Finder window…
Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 1.15.55 PM.png

I’m experiencing a nasty iCloud Drive problem, nothing related to DEVON, that sometimes does not sync.

It should happen if I do a lot of changes to big files, reach a point that it does not sync, as it were a bandwidth limitation. I haven’t found a solution of this, only wait.

I know Apple is using Microsoft Azure to handle the iCloud, and Azure has bandwidth limitations… Is the only thing I can think, a use penalty when using a lot of data…

Ugh! Sounds like a real pain. Hope it gets worked out for you.