iCloud sync, cannot upload multiple files

Hi guys,

I recently switched from Dropbox to iCloud sync for easier use :slight_smile:

All went fine, Macbook, iPad and iPhone are synching well but at the Mac I get an error, that 7 files can not be uploaded.
This error is consisting, when I delete the messages I get a new one after each sync process.

I did the same move (dropbox to icloud sync) for a friends setup and there it is the same, the only difference is that there are only 4 files cannot be uploaded :slight_smile:

Any idea what is the problem or at least how I can see wich are these affected files to check what could be wrong with them?

Thanks from Germany Jochen

Make a global smart group with criteria: Instance IS Pending to locate pending files. Delete them if they’re unneeded and empty the database’s trash.

Thanks Jim, now I located the files but I can not delete them because I need them.
What can I do to keep them and get them uploaded?


OK, I located the 7 files copied them to my harddisk and deleted them as well as the trash.
The smart group is empty now but the error in the protocol is still there :frowning:

Database check and repair did not help any
Should I rebuild the database ?


No further ideas / help on my problem ?

Thanks Jochen

Did you use a global smart group to search all databases? Or could you post a screenshot of the smart group’s conditions plus a screenshot of the latest errors? You can create a screenshot of the whole screen via Cmd-Shift-3 or of a selection via Cmd-Shift-4.

I would say yes, the smart group is searching all databases and at first it did find the 7 files.
But the errors are still there after deleting these files in the database and also the trash.
I do have 4 databases but the errors are all in the same one.
I attach the screensots

Thanks for your help


second screenshot…

The smart group isn’t correct, the “All” condition has to be replaced with Instance… is… Pending (or “Instanz… ist… Ausstehend” in German). Click on the “All” popup first to select the “Instance” condition, afterwards change the other two popups.

Thank you!
This solved my problems

Best wishes Jochen