iCloud Sync Issue: "Cannot create database folder "Inbox" as path already exists"


unfortunately I have to request help with a sync issue where I cannot find a solution in the forum: I receive the error message “Cannot create database folder “Inbox”, path already exists.” (translated from German: “Kann Ordner der Datenbank “Eingang” nicht anzeigen, Pfad existiert bereits.”)

I’ve been receiving this error message for a couple of days now but I can’t find any issue with missing sync files. I did delete an “inbox” group in “inbox” some time ago but I can’t remember where.

Currently I am syncing my DT3 dabs on Mac with an iPhone, an iPad mini and iPad Pro. Can’t see any sync issues.

Any help would be greatly anticipated to get rid of this error message.

Maybe the screenshot helps (German)
CleanShot 2020-12-22 at 16.43.28

Thank you very much and merry Christmas!

In DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, select the sync location, Control-click the Eingang in the Databases list on the right, and choose Clean Database. After the clean has been successfully reported in WIndow > Log, you can enable syncing it again.

Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

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Thanks. Just a quick question to make sure: In German it says (translated) “clear database” and not “clean database”. So it would be the second one from the bottom?

CleanShot 2020-12-22 at 17.44.11

And thanks for the Christmas wishes! :slight_smile:

Yep. The clear option should be it.
Cheers !

OK, done. Thanks. It is uploading again.

You’re welcome.

I have exactly the same problem right now but I am out and only have access to my iPhone, iPad, and WebDAV server (remotely via port forward). My two DT computers are both at home.

Can I solve this problem from DTTG on the iPhone and/or iPad or does it have to wait until I get home?

It’s not a biggie btw, there are only five items in the INBOX. I’m just trying to learn as much as possible about my best friend and worst enemy; sync.

but unfortunately your solution didn’t work for me.
The only difference on my side with the same problem in DT3 on my Mac running the option “Speicherort leeren…” is that I’m using WebDav instead of iCloud…
If I enable the syncing again after cleaning / clearing , the same log error message will come again.
A belated Easter hint to solve the problem for me too would be great :wink:

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Done. Thanks in advance.

I don’t know why, but after a few tries and restarting the Mac, it now works…

Glad to hear it. :slight_smile: