iCloud sync "... items left to be uploaded."

I am having a reoccurring issue with my iCloud sync. Each sync attempts to re-upload the entire database of 6k+ items, culminating in the error message “… items left to be uploaded.”

My setup includes two Macs, an iPad (the affected device), and an iPhone. I have multiple databases–only one is causing problems.

This error only occurs on the iPad… strangely the Macs and iPhone are fine.

I have thoroughly verified this database on all devices (two Macs and two iOS) – all verified. I have cleaned the database on the iPad. Any ideas?

  • Is this a new iPad?
    • If so, was it set up via your iCloud account?
    • If not, had you switched to a CloudKit sync recently?

This a relatively new iPad. It was set up via CloudKit months ago.

Other than CloudKit is very unreliable now (and has been for several months), it’s hard to say without more data.
In DEVONthink To Go, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!

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Did you migrate from a previous iPad?

Did you try clearing the Trash for the synced database on all your devices?

@mdbraber Tried that – and certainly seemed to unclog some things, but still sitting with “89 items left to be uploaded” to iCloud (Cloudkit) on my iPad.

@BLUEFROG >> anyway to actually work out which “89 items” are causing the problem?
Or is this also grounds for a support ticket?

Support ticket, please.

Will do. FWIW, “89 items” on my iPad, and only 1 on my iPhone! Will start a ticket from the iPad!

Perhaps ‘search’ does not look in the trash