Icloud Sync - spinning Wheel


i had to do a restore from my iMac , and now for some reason i can’t sync anymore through iCloud.

I already cleaned the Database and removed it , but now when i click on add iCloud sync it spins forever and ever and i can’t add or change anything until i restart Devonthink. After that , same procedure.

Anyhow i can reset this.?


Also , when i Hit the FILE Tab , i see that under the Synchronize there is a message DOWNLOAD PENDING FILES , this has also been there since the restore.

Does the Window > Activity panel show any progress or does Window > Log contain any issues? Are you able to successfully verify the iCloud sync location (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync)?

No , activity panel is empty. No Activity.

Similar experience over here. I did a clean install of DEVONthink to Go on an iPad with iOS 11.4. And a clean install of DEVONthink Pro Office on a fast laptop running 10.13.4. Both machines are on the same very fast wireless network.

Synced four databases totally around 2.5 GB. Sync from DEVONthink Pro Office to iCloud was completed in less than 3 minutes. Sync to DEVONthink to Go from iCloud has been running for 30 minutes and only one database (the smallest, approx. 250 MB) has completed. So, same network, fresh install. I assume the throttling is happening on the iCloud end?

@korm: Indeed. iCloud goes as fast as it goes. As with all syncs, the first takes the most patience, but we’ve seen generally good performance efter the initial sync.

I switched back to Dropbox. No Issues there.