iCloud vs CloudKit

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Any benefits for my circumstances.
Catalina and iOS 10

Can I enable CloudKit if I’m using Catalina, and using DevonThink 3.6.2 and DTTG 2.7.1?

DEVONthink To Go 2.x doesn’t support CloudKit, it’s new a feature of DEVONthink 3.6.2 and DEVONthink To Go 3.0.

iOS 10?
No, this will not work. You should be running iOS 14 to run DEVONthink To Go 3.

Can I use CloudKit AND iCloud at the same time? I would like DTTG3 to have access to ONE folder in iCloud that I use for Legacy iPadOS apps that have not embraced CloudKit yet.

What “iPadOS apps” do you have running which can “embrace” these sync files now?

Taio, 1Writer (and Obsidian Mac)

They access directly the sync files on the iCloud server? I don’t think so.

DEVONthink ToGo is the only app which can use these sync files. Once it does it’s thing the files are on the device and DEVONthink ToGo is the intermediary app for file access by these other apps.

If your version of IOS on the device supports DEVONthink ToGO 3, it’s unclear what problem you are trying to solve.

Yes, they do-
Taio > iCloud/Folder1 < 1Writer


Obsidian (Mac) > iCloud/Folder1

I would like DTTG3 (for indexing) to ‘access’ the same iCloud/Folder1 at the same time I’m using DTTG3 as my repository with everything else using CloudKit.

Interesting … Need some experts to give advice here. Well beyond my experience and understanding. :wink:

Yes, but you don’t need to sync with both. The contents of the databases will be included in the iOS File Provider extension even if you don’t sync your databases with any other device.

Note: You can’t index files in DEVONthink To Go, i.e., it accessing files outside its own sandbox, if that’s what you were thinking would happen.

My response was based on my assumption that @Davebhc71 wants to open documents in DEVONthink databases using 1Writer et. at. using the iOS Files.app provider extension, not indexed documents in the database. If I’m mistaken, then my reply is useless but it is not necessary to sync databases with any other device to have the DEVONthink location appear in other apps e.g. 1Writer from Files.app.

I agree with your comments. Hopefully the poster will clarify his intent :slight_smile:

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One of my devices used for reading papers is old iPad Air which won’t run iOS 14. Can I still use old iCloud legacy and not move to CloudKit?

When do you plan to phase out iCloud (legacy)?

Yes, you can use the Legacy sync and I have no information on an end-of-life for it.

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Are there any issues performance wise that I should be aware of?

You’re welcome.

Performance issues regarding the Legacy sync?

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Yes, with the Legacy sync.

Word is that the new Apple sych method (CloudKit) is faster than the Legacy sync. Depends on a lot of factors completely outside control of DEVONthink, frankly. See page 62 and 63 in most recent DEVONthink Manual (and same is in help somewhere). Also many many many discussions here about this topic. If truly interested suggest you browse the past topics.

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