Icon for Next Highlight

I use 2 monitors with DPO on one (the secondary) so the menu commands are on the other monitor. I often search through documents for terms and, while I have defined keystrokes for the “Next highlight” command, they are either unweildy or don’t work after a time.

A pre defined icon that could be included in a custom toolbar would be brilliant.

Just want to be clear: Are you asking about a ‘physical’ button in a toolbar, that can be clicked to jump through all the ‘found’ items inside a document, from a Search?

There are icons in the navigation bar to jump to the next/previous highlight (depending on the viewed document).


Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for. I have the Next icon in my Toolbar but that seems to only move from the first highlighted term in one document to the next.

It’s in the navigation bar right above the document view, not in the toolbar.

These are the previous and next highlight buttons…

Thanks - yet another feature not discovered previously in all the years of using DPO! I did go to the manual before posting!

I live in it 365 days a year I still learn things about it weekly! :smiley: