Icon for sync error never disappears now

Since upgrading to the new iPad mini, the icon that shows a sync error never reverts to the normal sync icon. When I tap on it, no error appears. Thought it might have something to do with transferring DTTG to a new device, so I cleaned all the databases on my MacBook - and the sync error icon is still there, with no error message.

The icon would occasionally appear in the past, but disappear after syncing again. And the problem is only with the new iPad, not my (old) iPhone. Not a major problem because everything else is working fine. But it would be nice to get it back to normal. Thanks for any suggestions! - Jim

Does this persist after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink To Go?

Yup. (I should note that syncing appears to be happening correctly (matching what syncs on my other devices.)

And what sync method are you using?


This is the first report of the sync icon staying static with no warning. We’ll take a look.

Great, thanks Jim!

Never mind - it’s gone now. It was either the new release or my futzing around with things. But I did discover something that I should have known… when you press on the icon it says if sycning is starting up. But if you just touch the icon, the log appears w/ errors. In my case it was files that couldn’t be deleted. Anyway, all good now - thanks!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: