Icon showing number of Unread documents - customizable to something else? Getting rid of Unread bold, etc

I searched through the help and also the ebook and I’m sure the answer is there somewhere.

Next to my folders I see an icon showing the number of unread documents. I’d like to change that to showing simply the number of documents in each folder.

Also wonder if there is a way to Mark As Read all documents? I only see the opposite option (Mark As Unread).

That is the correct option. It will toggle when you choose it.

I would like to ALWAYS see the number of documents in each group. Is it possible to set that as the default? If not, could it be added as a preference?

I have no use for the number of Unread Documents - making that the default creates lots of extra cleanup work for me and negatively impacts the way I use Devonthink. My workflow is such that much of what I put into Devonthink has already been “read” even though Devonthink thinks it has not.

A smart rule could automatically mark everything as read.