Icon/symbol identification

Don’t know if this really is a troubleshooting questions, just a request for explication.

I’m noticing now greyed out icons in the list view – some of which appear to be overlapping squares, some of which are a square with a line down the middle… maybe some others.

Can’t figure out what information they are supposed to provide. Can someone enlighten me, or point me to a legend that helps one puzzle out the meanings of various symbols throughout DT?

See attachment (if it successfully uploaded…)devonthink1.jpg


Here are all the gray icon symbols that I can recall:

Two staggered squares: indicates a replication
Two side-by-side vertical rectangles: indicates a duplication (pictured above)
Two staggered boxes, one vertical rectangle and one square: indicates both a duplication and a replication
Comic cloud/speech/balloon/bubble: indicates the document has a comment attached
Padlock: indicates the document is locked
Scroll: indicates an AppleScript is attached
Upward/right facing arrow: indicates the document is indexed

What they look like, in order as listed above:

Excellent. Thanks. Better than the old red/blue text indicators, which I would always get mixed up with one another…