Icons for Apple Mail items when imported to DTPO 2.0.3

Hi everyone,

Apologies in advance for any stupidity on my part, but I’ve successfully imported Apple Mail items for a couple of years to DTPO without any issues, but now suddenly the icons are showing as generic ‘envelopes’ rather than an icon showing the header page of the particular Mail item as in the past.

This seems only to have occurred in my recent DEVONthink update.

Any thoughts on how to get to my previously happy state of being able to see the Apple Mail icons showing the header page?!

With many thanks in advance…


Look to see if ‘Preferences>Media>Create Thumbnails>Other files’ is checked.


Many thanks - yes that’s sorted it. I love it when the solutions are so simple, yet i’d have taken months to find it otherwise i suspect.

Most appreciated…