Icons in file list too small

The icons in the file list, indicating whether an item is inexed, duplcate, replicant, etc., are too small for me to distinguish between some of them. Would it be possible to enlarge them, perhaps matching the font size selected?

The request is noted, but Development will have to assess this. Cheers!

Just my 5 cents:
The icons look small to me initially, too. My eyes feel quite uncomfortable when trying to identify them. Even though it helps to use “Mark duplicates and replicants in color” in preference for reps and dups but to me the colour is a bit disturbing…
The interesting thing is:
(1) As time went by, I discover that I don’t really have to care about reps and dups because (a) all replicants are the same, it doesn’t matter what/where they are as long as they are present in where you want them to be and (b) the smart group will handle all dups for you.
(2) For index icon, it’s used to be very important to me. However, with the tight integration implemented in DT3 once again I found that I don’t really need to care about the difference between import and index (at least in my case) EXCEPT when you are deleting the only remaining instance of an index file/group you need to think carefully re whether you also want to delete them in the MacOS folder.

I am just speaking for myself and by no means are against your suggestion.
Ps: the issue is probably more in the choice of icons than size. e.g. Reps and dups and index all looks alike in DT3 when using UHD monitor.