Ideas for Better Instances Navigation

Note: If these two limitations remain, the following ideas will not be possible (for replicants at least):

  1. Only one instance of the replicants shows up in search results and in Smart Groups.
  2. All replicants share the same location path in DT. Based on the current way they behave inside the List View, even if all replicants were listed in search results, they would all point to the same instance in the List view when using the Reveal command.

Three ways the navigation of instances could be improved in DT:

  1. One way is to add a new “Instances Panel” that would automatically update to list all the instances of a selected item, with the ability to use the Reveal command on each one. They could also be listed inside the Info Panel, along with the number of instances that is already displayed there:
  2. Another way is to group instances in the search results list. Instead of listing all instances separately, only one expandable item, represented with the common name of all the instances, would appear. When expanded, this item (group) would show a list of all the other instances. Each one of these items behaves like a regular item and can therefore be used with the Reveal command:
  3. Finally, I would like to suggest an improvement or rather a replacement to the [Previous/Next Instance] command. Currently, I have to use the Reveal command on the replicant search result first, and then the [Previous/Next Instance] command to find the other instances of that replicant. This process can be shortened if the Reveal command would also cycle/loop through all available instances. So instead of switching tools or keyboard shortcuts, I would just continue with the same shortcut to reveal the other instances one by one. This would not only work in the search view, but also in other views.

To summarize:

  1. Instances List (independent or part of the Info Panel) with option to reveal the instances.
  2. Automatic grouping of instances in search results list and Smart Groups.
  3. Cycle/loop through instances with the Reveal command.

What do you think?

An upcoming revision of the Info panel will display all instances and will support revealing. This (or your first suggestion) should make the third suggestion unnecessary.

Nice! That’s good news, thanks!