Ideas on how to manage task list specifically checking items


I have moved to DT from Evernote. For projects in work I maintain a To Do list in a note. So I would add a checkbox to each item in a rich text note. I could just check off the checkbox when I completed it. It was good because I could share the note or copy and paste into an email to send a status list.

But in DT you can’t insert checkboxes, nor can I see a Strikethrough function.

So I wondered how others use Devonthink to manage a task list. How does one mark it as complete?

The only idea I have is use some other symbol to represent a checkbox, or move it to a Complete section. I dont think either are great and just work arounds.


If all you want to do is create a visible marker of items in a list that have been completed, there are any number of conventions you could adopt.

One way might be to strike through the text of the completed item. To do that, select the text and press Control-S.

Or a check mark character could be inserted at the beginning of that item. If you have set System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard by checking the option, “Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in menu bar”, you can insert a check mark character (there are many variations, so choose one and make it a favorite).

I usually create a new text document for each to do item, so that I can include notes, schedule, links, etc. For example, if I want to schedule action on that item for 24 March, 2013 I can set up an iCal Reminder (Scripts > Reminders > Add as Event to Calendar) to create an iCal event that can be set for an alarm on 24 March. When I view that event in iCal it will contain a link back to my to do note.

I could place all to do notes into a group named To Do. Or I could scatter them about in a database, but tag each to do note with a To Do tag. When a to do has been completed, I could tag it as Completed.

With that approach, I could then create two smart groups; one lists all to do items that have not been completed, the other lists all to do items that have been completed.

Oh I didn’t know you can strikethrough, I was looking for it in the font section with other formatting options and its not there. So will try that, that’s fine.

But you’ve given me another idea which is a seperate note per task because I like the idea of adding information in the note relating to the task. Although I don’t know if its easy to copy/paste them all and their staus to send to customers for an update.

Also just occurred to me maybe I could just insert a bookmark to an online task manager the customer uses (e.g. Basecamp)… although the whole reason for DT was cut down on apps so maybe not.

Either way strikethrough is fine! Will try next time I’m in DT.

Thanks a lot