Identify read-only PDFs

Hi everybody.

1st question: Is there a smart way (e.g. with a smart group) to identify all those PDF-files that are in read-only mode? Right now, I have to check every file myself (see below), which is very time-consuming. I couldn’t find any matching criteria for creating a smart group serving that purpose.


2nd question: Is there a way to display all files that I have applied OCR to (with DEVONthink)?

Edit 2: Found a way for the 2nd question (you can display “Creator” and/or “Producer” and see all files that were created by ABBYY)!

Thank you so much for your answers!

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Currently there is no such criterion available for searches, smart groups, or smart rules.

I do have a font checking shell snippet but it may not be accurate in all cases.

Would be a super useful feature, though!

Can you put this on a request-/wishlist or something similar for future updates?

The request is noted.

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Thank you!!