Identify the Scripts menu bar icon

Hi. The Scripts icon in DT menu bar, how can it be identified?
I need to identify it in order to trigger a menu bar item via BetterTouchTool, i.e. “whatever”;Data;Check file integrity of databases

I think this isn’t possible because this menu got no name.

But you can probably use the script‘s name instead of the whole menu path (as script names are normally unique (unless you’ve copied one into another subfolder)).

Thanks, but the full menu path is necessary in BetterTouchTool. I was wondering if the said item can be replaced by a word (such as Apple’s menu bar icon by “apple”), by an emoji symbol or whatever.

But there’s no need to address the path by the menu’s name.

I knew that it’s possible to adress items by position, but never tried whether it’s also possible to adress the top level menu by position. It is!

Using (11);Test works over here to run a script named “Test” :slight_smile:

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It does. Thank you for your help.

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