Identifying document and main windows in DT3

Just wondering if there is a way to distinguish database windows from document windows for switching by Window>window list. Expose View (F3) helps but there are times when users need to keep-open many document and database windows (e.g. searching in different groups/tags by difference main windows and reviewing multiple sources of info in DT while writing in Scrivener or Word). In a more intensive writing session, I find myself hunting for the right main window to continue my search from a mixture of other main and document windows, and are always wrong in the first one/two trails.

The flexibility of DT in allowing multiple instances of the same file and database has always been its own hostage to fortune (in a good way). Most other apps are designed for one active task, only use/allow one main window, or present info by one type of window, or only allow single instance of one document so there is no such issue.

A line separator between main/document windows, or just by different prefix, in the window list would be very nice.

Could you please post a screenshot of the Window menu showing the titles of the windows you’re usually/often using? Thanks!

Here the list contains two main windows and eight document windows but I won’t be able to tell which one is main window for database? If there is a line separator (similar to group by kind or as simple as sort by kind in Finder ) then it would be much easier to go back to the main window for search or other operations.

Simple as finder sort by kind (just using the Finder’s view as an analogy for window list)

Or as more sophisticate as group by kind (perhaps this can also be implemented in search results after many versions of update…)

These menu items are completley handled by macOS, the only possibility would be to rename the windows (e.g. add a prefix). Any suggestions?

It would be wonderful if a prefix can be added to distinguish main and document windows !

Or the database name could be removed from the title of document windows (as Command-clicking on the title displays the full location, just like the Info inspector or popover).

But “adding” something usually attracts less unexpected opinion/feedback…

Well, a public beta test is the best time to try new things :slight_smile: And removing the database name has also the advantage that there’s more space for the document’s title and additional info (e.g. of PDFs/images/videos). Actually after testing this it looks a lot less noisy, adding even more stuff to the title would cause the opposite.

For me personally, taking away the database name of documents looks cleaner and more logical - assuming that it is very unlikely for users to have similarly-named or slightly altered versions of a document stored in different database.

I like having the database name in the Window menu.

PS: @ngan you could also use shorter filenames. :slight_smile: _(And this is actually something we do generally advocate. See…

Noted and thanks for the suggestion. In my case, the long names are journal articles’ full names that are necessary for author and keyword search (content search of similarly word/phrase will hit on a much longer list…). And user still can’t distinguish main win from doc win even with shorter names?

In my case, the long names are journal articles’ full names that are necessary for author and keyword search (content search of similarly word/phrase will hit on a much longer list…).

Author and Keywords are usually part of the metadata of the file, especially in academic resources, and can be searched for independently.


Thank you very much for the DT3b2 update, I can now quickly identify which open windows are the main windows. It’s a time saver coz there is no more hunt-and-miss!


Another HUGE thank you for this change, @cgrunenberg – and for the request @ngan!