Identifying newly-synched files

As a new DTP user, I’ve just finished organizing my pre-existing files. I’ve chosen the index option for the several thousand documents I want to work with in DTP. I had a pre-existing file hierarchy on my harddrive, but I’ve constructed a more detailed one in DTP and have taken advantage of handy features like replicants. So far, so good.

However, I have a question about handling completely new files (i.e. not previously-indexed files that have been amended). Say I download or create new files and put them into one of the “master” folders on my desktop. This folder is then synched with its indexed counterpart in DTP. Ideally, I’d then be able to open up these new files in DTP interface, annotate them, add metadata, tags, and generally file them away in my elaborate hierarchy. However, how do I tell which files are new?

Do I have to rummage through a sizable list of files within each synched folder to see which ones I think are those I just downloaded and synched? I’ve so many files at this point, I’m reluctant to run a series of trials-and-errors to determine if how to do this, and risk losing files and/or creating chaos.

I have a smartgroup “Indexed Today” with the rules: Search in Database; Date Added is Today; Instance is Indexed. This could be a local smartgroup in a single database, or a global smartgroup (in the sidebar). In the global case use Search in Databases.

That’s just one approach.

Thank you for your suggestion. It actually seems the DTP version I’m using picks these up in a folder called “Today.” However, how do I actually go about moving the files from “Today” to the pertinent folder in my database? When I’m viewing the Smartgroup folder, I can’t see my file hierarchy in “Databases.” Is there a setting that allows me to see both at the same time so that I can drag and drop?

Smart groups are just lists of things that exist somewhere else in the database. Documents are not stored in the smart group, so you don’t really want to “[move] the files from ‘Today’ to the pertinent folder in [your] database”.

I assume you indexed your files (which you said in your original post). So, the files are still in the Finder folder that you indexed, and you should already have groups in your database that contain links to those files. No? Did you synchronize your indexed groups?

To see the location in the database of a document listed in a smart group you could: add the “Location” column to your view, or look at the Location info displayed right under the toolbar near the top of the screen, or open the Info panel and look at the “Location” display near the bottom of that panel, or select the document and type cmd-R (Reveal) to navigate to the original, or use Data > Reveal, or put the Reveal button on your toolbar and click that, or …

I use Tools >History for exactly that purpose.