If sync has connection issues, cannot quit Devonthink

This has happened a couple of times… I THINK it may be when there are connection issues to the WebDav server I use for syncing, but not sure.

I just connected to a new WIFI and started Devonthink. I have it to sync to my WebDav on opening and closing a database. So it tries to sync as soon as I start Devonthink. But it is possible I was not online at that time, or maybe my server firewall had not allowed me to connect yet (it can take up to 15 mins to approve any new IP).

So the sync status boxes opened up, but they never close. It just stays open. If I close them, then try to Quit Devonthink it wont Quit. I have to Force Quit. The sync option in the context menu is then always greyed out even though the sync status boxes have closed.

It may not be due to to connection issues, because one database did actually show filenames it was syncing. It just never completed the Comitting Remote Transaction status.

In preferences clicking Sync did nothing. Its as if it is still trying to sync but the status boxes have gone. To confirm this I clicked Sync for the Global Inbox and the status boxes popped up with the other databases still showing the same sync status as before.

So I guess there is an issue somewhere that prevents sync completing, but then it never cancels, and I cannot cancel it manually. Perhaps the easiest solution is to add some sort of cancel override I can click, rather than trying to fix the main issue, but I wouldnt know.

Either way, I have to Force Quit Devonthink in order to stop the sync process.

Attached is the status screen that just hangs on what you see. the blue stripy ones are animated as if its doing something.

When I re-open Devonthink, the Work database which stated Committing Remote Transaction, is closed. Then the Personal one which had a stripy status bar pops up and states Resuming Remote Transaction (I guess because I have it to sync on database open), but this never ends either OR maybe takes ages, I have not had the patience to wait, it should not take that long. In this case it has a cross next to the status bar and I can click this to close the syncing (this was not on the above issue with the Work database which never ended.

So I close this initial sync. but when I start it again it states Resuming Remote Transaction.

Maybe its just taking ages and ages, but the internet is OK, and the WebDav server.

Just to summarise my long post I think there may be two issues…

  1. Seems to not complete syncing sometimes, MAYBE I have internet issues, I dont know, but Devonthink does not timeout or tell me there are syncing issues if there are

  2. At which point I cannot cancel the sync. and Quit does not work and have to Force Quit

I guess some sort of timeout or manual override/cancel is needed for issue 1, maybe this will fix issue 2.

I agree with the third post - it would seem (obviously) that DEVONthink sync is not adequately verifying connections with sync stores before proceeding. For example, Chronosync attempts to locate the remote store and if it’s not “there” (for whatever reason – CS doesn’t care why) then it gives a warning and then stops. This also happens when the remote store goes unavailable. Seems like a basic approach that DEVONthink sync should incorporate. Users shouldn’t have to fiddle with DEVONthink’s failure to adequately validate connectivity to remote stores. Remote store availability is binary - it is available or it isn’t - if it isn’t then stop.

Also, if a sync failed to complete, DEVONthink should sense this and the next time around warn the user and prompt with options to either resume or start from the beginning and overwrite the remote store. This way you’d have an explicit warning and choice.

I am home now and its fine here. Where I had the issue there was internet issues. I notice working on some projects the internet would intermittently cut out. Now I am home on my working internet it works fine.

So I guess DT just doesn’t know what to do when the internet fails and needs some way of cancellation and resume so DT can be Quit normally without Force Quit.