Ignore case for wiki links

I’d love to have wiki links work without regard to the case of the target. So if, for instance, my filename is “Mapping a Text” (with a capital M and a capital T), I could create a wiki link in another document by simply writting about mapping a text (without title case caps). That is the way that VoodooPad works, and I think VoodooPad does a very nice wiki. I’d love to have that particular functionality in DEVONthink.

Please not. My system relies heavily on case sensitive wiki links. Of course an option to ignore case would be okay, but not an exclusive behavior.

In the meanwhile you could use aliases to make wiki links work case insensitive (and script it, if there are too many files)


I also have experience with VoodooPad, and now I am getting experience with this too. In the first days I missed that feature too (ignore case for wiki links). Now in the third week I can live without it.
My way is: when creating a new note I put all in small letters, except for words that must be written in caps, like “Portugal”. Now, a page named “modern sociology” links everywhere when I write just that. It just don’t link in titles that must be written with caps, but usually one don’t need a link in title, since the text developing the subject will have it in small letters.