iKnow & Manage

Looks like someone tried to steal some ideas from DTPro. At least the interface looks strikingly familiar. However, this new app doesn’t seem to feature a search and AI technology nearly as advanced as DTPro’s.

Look for yourself: http://www.software-by-mabe.com/software/ikam.html

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Personally I don’t see many similarities - iKnow & Manage is a simple application and more like iData than like DT Pro. And although the application is simple, the UI is not very intuitive: Std Item? Root Item? ItemRef? ValueType mapping? Huh? :wink: Looks more like an SQLite frontend than like an info manager, knowledge base, thoughts organizer or writing tool.

I’m giving iKnow & Manage a try. It is more an SQLite frontend than an info organiser. But it’s a very good SQLite frontend. Unfortunately, the developer uses database jargon: “stditem” and “refitem” instead of, simply, “Item” and “Alias.” And the help does not always . . . help much. An ItemRef (reference item) is defined this way:
“A reference Item is a special Item. It can not host any Item Values or subitem itself. It is only for referencing or cloning other Items. The only thing you have to do if you create a Itemref is setting a target. the target is a normal Std Item somewhere in the data hierarchy.” I translate this by saying an ItemRef is a link but I’m not sure :confused:

Oh well. The app is still in its infancy (v. 1.1.0b2) so we’ll see how iKnow & Manage evolves.