Illogical way DevonThinkProOffice sorts new webpages

I add webpages through Clip to Devonthink with Firefox, which adds new webpages reliably.
I have one database open, which is called “Politik”, visible in the left pane. Strangely enough, the new pages I add to Devonthink are not visible or searchable within “Politik” but only within “INTELLIGENT GROUPS”/“Unread”. More precisely, one has to click on “INTELLIGENT GROUPS”/“Unread” in order to find a new webpage. But I want it to appear directly within “Poltik” and don’t know how to do it.

Where is a new page actually stored, if it is not in the only open database (Politik), but visible/searchable/findable only when clicking on “INTELLIGENT GROUPS”. I thought “INTELLIGENT GROUPS” referred to the open database (in this case Politik). But then why can’t one find new wegpages directly in “Politik” when adding this new webpage through CliptoDevonthink?

Is there a way to add a new webpage directly to the open database “Politik”, because currently new webpages appear at first only within “INTELLIGENT GROUPS” and I have to manually move them from there to the open database “Poltik”. What am I missing here??

I use the 3-pane view and my left pane comprises of “GLOBAL”, “OPEN DATABASES”, “USED DATABASES”, “FAVORITES”, and “INTELLIGENT GROUPS” (Translations of the German nouns). Attached is a screenshot.
Thanks in advance

A smart group is actually a search set, and so doesn’t actually contain items. To see where a document has been assigned in your organizational structure, select it in the smart group view and then press Command-R (the Reveal command). The view will switch to the database/group location.

New content from scripts and Services is sent to the destination set in Preferences > Import - Destination. There are three options: Global Inbox, Select group and Inbox of the frontmost database.

My usual setting for the destination of new content is “Select group”. With that setting, when new content is added a HUD will appear that allows the user to choose from the available open databases, and to choose a group within the chosen database (or add a new group in that database, if desired).