Im new and have some questions

Ok so im using Devon think Pro,

I want to install the client on a main server and load it with .PDF and .txt files.

I would like to allow people to access the data but I do not want to give them access to the server.

Is there a web interface? or perhaps I give each client a copy of the programme and map to the server or something?

I dont know the capabilities can anyone advise?


The DT applications are single-user. Don’t even think about running a database off a server and having multiple users access it. Yes, it can be done, but you will end up with frustrated users and database corruption. There will be an enterprise version in the future, but not yet.

What you want to do is exactly why there’s a Web server module in DT Pro Office. Multiple users, Mac or PC, can search and access a database “broadcast” over a local network (wired or wireless) using Apple’s Bonjour technology; they can find, read/download documents, but they cannot modify the database.

So DT Pro Office can run a database to function like your own Intranet, but much more easily and cheaply. A law office, for example, might let employees have access to policy and procedure documents, forms, news and other documents. A group of attorneys working on a case can have access to all the relevant documents, from material scanned into the database using the OCR module of DTPO to case law, briefs, court transcripts, depositions – whatever may be useful.

All it takes is a copy of DTPO, a database holding useful information, a Mac to run the software and a local wired or WiFi network. Apple provides a downloadable file to enable Windows users to install Bonjour. If you have a domain and know how to do this, you can even “broadcast” a database as an Internet site, so that your database content and be searched, read and downloaded from anywhere on the Internet. (If you don’t know how to do this, please do some research or talk to a knowledgeable friend, as this wouldn’t be a simple request we can handle in response to a Support inquiry.)

Note that the DTPO Web server doesn’t allow multiple levels of access control. It’s a simple approach than can be useful, however. And it’s really cheap to set up (DTPO and the database can be running on a headless Mini, for example), and all the users need is a Web browser capable of handling Bonjour access. Just remember not to include stuff in the “broadcast” database that you don’t want everyone to see, such as personnel disciplinary action records or individual medical records! Avoid embarrassment, lawsuits and regulatory actions! Make a database content specific to its purpose and to the users that have access to it.