I'm not happy about how the Devs handled PDF kit issues

Annotating PDFs is a key part of my workflow. I would have appreciated a warning that my world would be turned upside down by upgrading to 3.9.1

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Version 3.9.2 is the current version and should already improve this.

Thank you. I’ve already done that. I hope it will work better.

The point of my post was that this is the most serious problem I’ve run into in over ten years of using DT. I thought you should hear feedback that I thought the update was handled poorly.

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What’s the problem(s) you’re referring to?


Due to some change in the Apple PDFkit that hasn’t been described in this Forum, v. 3.9.1 locked seemingly random PDF files entering the system, preventing them from being annotated.

The issue has been described and discussed for weeks here. And a work around had been published, too. To what forum are you referring?

Yeah, I’ve followed the discussion re: locked pdfs, PDFkit, and Devon’s workaround. That’s why I could not understand what OP meant by “world would be turned upside down.” Thought I missed something. Hopefully 3.9.2 solved their problem if the workaround did not.

The specific change in the PDFkit was not described here. BTW, It shouldn’t be necessary to live on this Forum to be able to use DT. That was my point.

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Just curious. As the forum apparently of no value to you, by chance did you put in a support request by email when you noticed trouble? Help not provided then?

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There are multiple things about DT that don’t work well for me, but I haven’t been willing to try to use the Forum to solve them. I had bad experiences back when I was a newbie, when I couldn’t get the AI to work. (It works now, but I never figured out why I was having trouble earlier.) I found it frustrating and somewhat insulting then, just as some of the posts in this thread have been less than welcoming.

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Being less opinionated and more factual might result in a more welcoming reaction. In my experience.


This was a Feedback section. Chill…

All opinions have been heard and noted on the topic. Thanks for sharing.