I'm so bloody glad to be back!

I took a detour into the world of almost ignoring DevonThink Pro for a month. BUT I didn’t leave the Devon fold altogether. Because I convinced myself that DTP was such a resource hog on my aged iBook 700/640Mb, I have been trying (and bought) DevonNote.

My thought was to use DN as a ‘front-end’ to DTP, as the ‘data-collector’, then export into DTP every few weeks, with DTP as the ‘data-management’ side. I certainly did appreciate the immediate startup, reduced RAM footprint, and increased responsiveness of DN, but the usefulness penalty was oh-so great for someone so enamored with DTP. (Early adopter of the original DT, BTW)

From a technical standpoint the process worked flawlessly, with the export-import giving me exactly what I hoped for, but bottom line, there was more categorization/searching/editing and just data ‘handling’ that I needed to do much more frequently than once-in-awhile.

Soooooo much was lost with this approach and I vow to never stray again. I’ll pay the performance hit for my beloved DTP!

I do think it would be kewl to have some kind of lightweight app (not one of those stoopid dashboard things) which could write directly to DTP files without having to open DTP, but that might be a dream from Mars. What I really need is patience in waiting for DTP 2.0…

Sorry for the ramble, just wanted to let you know how warm homecoming is! :slight_smile:

And we’re delighted you are back! :slight_smile:

I keep a “DT stuff” folder in Documents and drop URLs, text clippings, and RTF files there. Once a week or so, I open up DTP and drag the saved material into appropriate folders. One benefit of the time-lag: I discard much of the saved stuff. In my case, a speedy input device would not be helpful. I need time to collect, marinate, and extract.