I'm sure it's just me...

looking to convert from Journler.
Imported 150 or so web archives. These appear in DTPro in a group called ‘Webarchives’
I create a group called ‘cycling’ and it appears in the group list.
I search in the ‘webarchive’ group for items including cycling, I find 7 or 8 and select them, right click to get the ‘move to’ menu and select the ‘cycling’ group. When I do this the ‘cycling’ group disappears from the list but the item count in the ‘webarchives’ group is decreased by the relevant number.
What’s going on?
In addition, although tags are mentioned frequently, I can find no way of applying a tag directly to an item, or how generate a list of tags so that I can choose from this list (if this is possible)
I’ve only had a brief look at DTPro briefly and can see that there is lots to it, but the UI is very different from Journler and I’m struggling a bit.



Could you send screenshots of each step to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Because I can’t reproduce this over here, thanks.

See e.g. View > Show Tags or Tools > Show Info…

it was just me. I thought the search was only in the ‘webarchives’ folder(as that was the one I had selected) but it seems it’s global so when I searched on ‘cycling’ DT found the cycling group as well as the items in the ‘webarchives’ folder. When I selected all the found items and right clicked to move them into the ‘cycling’ group, I was trying to move the ‘cycling’ group into itself…and so it disappeared!
There you go.
Is there a way to restrict search to a given group?



At least by selecting the group under the “Search in:” menu in the Tools > Search (Shift-Command-F) window, if I understand what you’re asking. Not sure how to change the toolbar search scope from its default of Database, if that’s even possible.

Searches from the Search Window:
In the Search window, select your group from the ‘Search in:’ pop-up selector:

Searches from the Toolbar:
Select the group(s) you want to search in and then from the toolbar, select ‘In selection’ from the options under the drop-down menu under the magnifying glass:

Ahh, there it is… was in my blind spot last night. Thanks.

Being a wise guy, eh, including those helpful images? :slight_smile:

I received the app TinyGrab as part of a past MacHeist and it has to be one of the best utilities I have ever seen. I can take a screen grab and paste a URL to the clip in a Web post faster than I can type a reply fully explaining the concept. No more uploading graphics via Transmit to my own server, cleaning out the obsolete stuff months later, etc.

Just noticed I’ve also got TinyGrab from MacHeist nanoBundle but had never tried it. Thanks for the inspiration to eventually give it a look.