Image Capture workflow (overwrites multiple imports).

So with the removal of ExactScan, I’m trying to get my workflow going for multi page document archiving.

Is there a ‘best practices’ document for how to do a speedy workflow in DTPO? The help manual is how to do it, but not necessarily in what order.

I’ve tried 2 ways:

  1. Scanning in each document into a separate document folder in Image Capture. Then after verifying the scan, hit ‘send to’ to send to to DTPO. The issue I have with this is it’s slow when scanning multiple documents (say 10 documents of 5 pages a piece), as I have to scan, then check, then hit ‘send to’.

  2. Scanning in all documents into a separate document folder in Image Capture, then check each document individually, then hit ‘send to’ on all of them, let DTPO do the OCR’ing, grab a cup of coffee or something, then come back. It seems to be faster, since I can just focus on one aspect at a time.

I think I may have hit a bug in #2–when doing multiple imports like that, I get many documents that are just copies of the last document scanned, and I have to go back and find the originals and re-scan. I know the documents are correct in Image Capture, since I’d just finished checking and fixing any issues. Any ideas?

Also, Image Capture then sends everything to DTPO’s inbox, which I then have to move to the separate databases, and folders in each DB…that was one nice thing about Exact Scan, I could send to a database directly. Any suggestions on that?


I am searching this forum for this exact issue. When I use DTPO’s ImageCapture to “Send” multiple documents for OCR and to the DTPO Inbox, the documents get mixed-up. If I send one document at a time (waiting for the OCR to complete and then for the file to move to the inbox), everything works as expected. But I don’t have the time for that! But if I send multiple documents, the wrong names get assigned to the wrong files and oftentimes I just get duplicates of the same file four or five times (and I have no idea what happened to the original that was “sent”.)

Anyone else having this same problem? Any thoughts or ideas on whether this is a bug or perhaps user error? Are there other threads on this? (I can’t get the forum search engine to work, keep getting a bad redirect).

Thanks in advance.

So I guess there’s nothing from Devonthink on this?

I just ran into the bug again, when trying to send multiple individual documents from Image Capture to DTPO…it really stinks to have to then go back through all of my documents to figure out which ones scanned and which ones didn’t…

Please post a Support ticket to DEVONtechnologies Support Ticket System. Thanks.

Done. Thanks for the suggestion.