Image Display Problems

The image view options show bizarre and inconsistent behavior.

Every choice leaves large margins and often moves the image down and to the right so that most of the image for medium and larger images is cut off even with the window being full screen on 24" horizontal or vertical monitors as in this picture displayed at “Actual Size”:

“All Pixels” makes the image disappear completely off to the lower right:

“Zoom to Width” leaves large margins and sometimes reduces the image size from other choices that had not filled the window:

Choosing “Actual Size” after Zoom to Width performs differently than the previous “Actual Size” and moves the image off the top of the window:

Other View options display similar behavior.

Shouldn’t “Zoom to Width” fill the window edge to edge and “Zoom to Fit” fill the window?

Which version of DEVONthink and of Mac OS X do you use? Could you please send the image to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!