Image distortion after OCR

Hi there.

I guess we had this topic before, but unfortunately i’ve found it just again in the newest versions of DEVONthink and the OCR engine: After converting a Jpeg into a Pdf including text recognition i’m experiencing sometimes weird distortions. (Example attached.) Of course i deactivated everything like compression, auto rotation, auto align etcetera.
Any ideas how to circumvent this »bug«?

Thank you

This is the first report we’ve had of this. Development would have to look into this.

Is this is picture you took on your phone?

No, phone or DT to go was’nt involved. It’s just a Photoshop montage with the orignal Jpeg above and the resulting Pdf on the bottom. If it’s helpful i can send you the original files too.
I’m using DT 3.8.5 on an Apple M1 Pro with Monterey 12.5.1.

Yes, please use our bug reporting mechanism - Help > Report Bug with the Option key held - and provide the original and distorted file.