Image distortion

Saving some images from web browsers or from image galleries sometimes renders in RTFD files within a database as tiny thumbnails when they appear fine within Safari. I thought it might be DPI but it does seem an erratic problem.

Is there a solution, either a script or some other workaround to always grab images at the same size the browser displays them at ?


Some site designers set it up that way. I noticed it for years on a couple of sites I visit. People complained to the site administrators and they finally changed so that images weren’t downloaded as miniscule low-res icons.

It might be possible to set up a custom style sheet that’s selectable in the browser Preferences (Safari or DEVONagent). I haven’t played with that. Anyone else?

[b]Thank for replying, I don’t really know what you are talking about but am grateful for your time.

If you check :[/b]

There is one picture titled :Part of the seafront of Torquay, south Devon, at high tide

[b]Drag that to onto a RFTD and it’s tiny.

Later down the page there is another picture with a title called :
The Great Red cliff of Foreland point[/b]

[b]Drag that to onto a RFTD and it’s as large as displayed within the browser window.

Is there a way for DTPro to always copy the image as the browser displays it is my question ?[/b]

The short answer is that there’s not a way for DT Pro to modify the actual size of images on the fly during a capture. It’s using standard OS X routines to pull down the image size specified by the Web page designer.

But that’s not an issue for the two URLs you cited. DT Pro is capturing the full image displayed on the Web page. There’s not a problem in the first place.

If you are seeing a small image of the two JPEG pictures, it’s only because you are “cramming” them into a small window or view pane. One of the neat features in DT is that it tries to represent the whole image within an image document window.

Double-click on the Name of the image in a view to open it in its own document window. Make sure the toolbar for that window is visible.

See the tools for making the image larger or smaller, with a button to set the display at actual size in the middle?

Click on the Actual Size button. It may be necessary to resize the image window by using the grab area at the bottom right. Now the image is displayed just as you viewed it on the Web page. The full size is available.

In fact, you can make the apparent size of the image as large as you wish, although it will get pixilated and blurry if enlarged too much. Image view controls are available in the View menu as well as in the document toolbar. The use of image view controls is discussed in the User Documentation and in Online Help.

[i]Thank you for the full reply.

I don’t think you see my point, both images display as large images within a browser ( On Wiki ) yet you drag each image into an RTF document the first image is tiny and the second image is as displayed within the Safari (ie:Large).
It has nothing to do with squeezing or fitting. Try it with two separate RTF files, one will be large the other small.

I don’t care about playing with the image later, just what it looks like within my RFT document. If I want to be sure of displaying images at the size found I have to do a screen grab and drag that file into my document. Which is a pain in the butt.[/i]

There, no harsh boldness

Hi, benignstar. Sorry, my previous answer was from another perspective, i.e. that the full image is actually being downloaded. And that’s true, but didn’t answer your main point about why they have different sizes when embedded in a rich text document.

The answer to your question is still no, DT Pro can’t automatically make those particular images look the same size within your RTFD document.

The reason is that the “big” picture has a resolution of 72 x 72 dpi (dots per inch) and the “small” image has a resolution of 150 x 150 dpi. Which is to say that the pixels in the “small” image are packed more tightly together than are the pixels in the “large” image.

So if you were to move the “big” image over to an image editor and change its resolution to 150 X 150 dpi it would become smaller, approximately the same size as the other image with a resolution of 150 x 150 dpi. And vice versa, changing the resolution of the “small” image to 72 x 72 dpi would make it "bigger’ in your RTFD document.

DT Pro has only very rudimentary image editing features via Scripts > Images. If you need to make two images with different resolutions look the same size in a document, best to do resolution change/scaling of the images in a more capable image editor, perhaps Graphics Converter.

Hope that helps.

you can edit the resolution of images with Preview (in Leopard)

Tools -> Adjust Size

check off the scale and resample, this effectively just changes the PPI of the image, doesnt touch the pixels

i guess you have to change them from 300 to 72 to make them keep their “screen” size

btw, this issue isn’t limited to devonthink, it goes for any program using apple rtf editor, including text edit

would be great with rudimentary picture commands in the rtf editors, thou!