image files in history?

I have been using Tools->History to get documents added to one copy of my database (at work) so I can export them and import them to a copy of my database (at home). Works OK but today I noticed that GIFs I add to the database don’t show up in the history listing. Has this always been the case or is this a bug?

DT Pro Office 1.5, Leopard 10.5.2

Yes, it’s always been the case and it’s not a bug.

I use the History tool to identify new content such as captures from Web pages, clippings from books and journals, newly scanned and OCRd PDFs, notes I’ve written or edited recently and the like. And it works well for that.

But if I import a file from the Finder, as was probably the case with your imported GIFs, DEVONthink doesn’t fiddle with the existing creation and modification date data for that file. So, as with a file I just imported, the modification date was 07/16/06 and it shows up with that age in the History view.

The possibly old age of Finder files typically doesn’t bother me, as I long ago imported the “interesting” files on my hard drive into my databases.

There are workarounds to make History show old files as new. DT Pro has a script at Scripts > Dates to “Touch” the modification date of a document. Now it shows today’s date. It’s new.

Or one can replicate “old” newly captured files to a special group that will be exported to the other database when the files are transferred.