Image Quality After OCR

I have a couple questions about PDF image quality after OCR.

My understanding is that OCR replaces the original scan, so the final image quality will be determined by Devonthink.

So, why is the maximum setting 300 DPI? Or am I not understanding what the DPI is? Is this level adequate? The ScanSnap software, for example, has settings up to 600 DPI if I recall correctly.

More generally, is there any way in Devonthink to OCR a document (either already scanned or a new scan) and keep the same image quality as the original?

Thanks for any input.

This is a temporary workaround due to an issue that the ABBYY OCR currently has with PDF input files. Each PDF page is being converted back to an image before being processed and a maximum setting of 300 dpi was chosen as a balance between speed, quality and memory usage. ABBYY are currently working on this issue and once they have released their next update the option for same image quality as the original will be reinstated.

Thanks for the response!

By chance, do you know if this issue also affects the ScanSnap OCR?

If DEVONthink is doing the OCR, then yes.