Image recognition feature, or third party workflow

Hi, I have some images in DT3. I’d like the objects in those images to appear in search results (e.g., “cat” would return an image of a cat.) There is no text to OCR in these images. My understanding is that DT3 doesn’t have the capability to do image recognition on these images. Is there a Devon-recommended or community-recommended way to identify? Either local or cloud-based (e.g., AWS Recognition API-based) would be fine. I have a budget for this.

Any method of appending recognition data to the image is okay so long as it makes the image show up in some kind of search query. For example, it could append a special tag, fill out a custom field, add comments, add hidden text in searchable PDF, etc.

You could try Data > Tags > Add tags to images. However, this is limited and the results might vary depending on the images.

Thanks–I didn’t know about this. This is actually okay for some of the images! For others I’ll keep looking for a better recognition tool. It seems like scripting a pass with a cloud service would be the simplest way to go.

That’s of course an option but requires (temporary) uploading of the images to the service.

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