image rotate in DTPO 2.0.3

I don’t know what’s happening since I upgraded to 2.0.3, but now when I rotate (left or right) any jpg image I have in a database they become converted to TIFF (wasting disk space, since TIFFs are bigger) and then the rotation I just made is not retained too.
Any setting I messed up with?

Hi Hybra, happens here too. It’s not a 2.0.3 special however, tried it with 2.0.2 and the same happens, so i think it is a bug.

Thanks Gerb.
How/where do I report bugs like this? hopefully it can be fixed in the next point release.

Support, item 4, is one method.

Edited images are always saved as TIFF images at the moment. The only lossless alternative would be PNG.