Image scaling

It would be great to be able to rescale images imported into DEVONThink.

It’s currently unlikely that DT will get such features in the near future but using DT Pro & Image Capture scripting, it’s possible to write scripts to rotate, flip or scale the currently selected images (preparing such example scripts for the next DT Pro alpha at the moment).

What I really need is a button in the toolbar to allow me to flip a PDF image with a single click.

Many scanned PDFs are upside down. Sure I can open them in Preview and flip them but that is going the long way around.

I suspect that many new DT users are not so computer savvy that they would welcome the idea of having to roll their own using AppleScript.

I am waiting impatiently for the next release of DT2. I want to buy two packages of DT Pro Office and Devon Agent but one will be for my wife - who is brilliant but has no patience for technology - so all those little improvements in the UI that are in the works need to be there before I can let her loose on it. You must understand - I get to play tech support in this household.

In general rotating images in a PDF is not a trivial operation. However, if you convert it to a searchable PDF, the OCR engine will in most cases do this for you.