Image Search?

In 1.9 what happenned to the Image Search tab that used to be in 1.8? Is image searching being discontinued?

A response from the developers would be nice on this question. I know the Image search functions were rather basic, but I liked the idea, and as an artist had some plans to implement usage of it more fully in the future. Would like to know if it’s still being worked on, perhaps in DT Pro?

Image search might return if it’s of (more or less) common interest.

My vote is for it to return and be developed more. Was one of the things that first attracted me to DT and set it apart from other text-only based database management applications.


I too would really, really like image search to return! I LOVE this function of DevonThink and it is saddening to think that it is not being further developed.

– Paul

Image searching will return in a 1.9.x release (x>1).


thank you very much! Image searching is such a great feature!


– Paul

My thanks too!

Image Search is returning! Yes! I am (metaphorically) jumping with joy. Or maybe with impatience. Thank you.