Image transition lag


I just created a new database for storing some pictures. The database contains about 200 jpegs,400MB.

I notice DevonThink loading images slower than Preview. If I put those images in a folder outside the database, open with Preview. Browse with the arrow keys. Transition between each image is almost instant. Full-res image show up straightaway.

If I put the same images in DevonThink, start browsing. There is lag in the transition, I can see DevonThink loads a slightly low-res mosiac version before the full version comes out. Even the process is only about a sec, it’s very noticeable, even with smaller JPEGs(about 200k).I feel this lag is minor, but does have a impact on usability.

Since you do not allow uploading videos, I just upload an unlisted video to youTube to show you what I mean.

Is there anyway you can improve DevonThink’s performance in this area to make it behave like in Preview?

My computer is 2010 MBP 13". I don’t think it’s the computer issue.


It’s handled by Mac OS X’s ImageKit framework but it’s unfortunately quite slow since Mac OS X 10.6.3 (as far as I remember).

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your fast reply. I am really impressed that you answered within minutes. :slight_smile:

It’s really strange that Apple’s own Preview or iPhoto is not affected by it at all. Don’t they use the same ImageKit?

Anyway I send the feedback to Apple, hopefully they will fixed it.

If you can also send the feedback to them,that’d be great. To make sure they fix it.



Maybe they’re using a different solution/framework or have access to other internal interfaces to customize/fix this.