Image URLs Change when Annotations are Added

I’m testing DevonThink currently, and am confused (ok about quite a few things), but specifically about images and adding annotations to them.

I have an image, and I wanted to add some text comments to it. I figured out how to add the annotation rich text quite easily, and was able to add my comments. I like how it shows me a small chat bubble indicating that a text file is ‘attached’ to that image.

I am confused though, as to why the URL for the image (which I believe DevonThink strips from the image metadata if it was downloaded from a website) changes to the URL for the Annotation text file.

But in images where there is NO annotation, the URL remains the image URL itself pointing to the online location where it was downloaded from.

  1. Is there a way to change this, and also - what is the purpose of this?

I am also wondering why DevonThink puts a web-downloaded image’s URL as the exact page on which the image itself is found (so it lists the URL which would be obtained by clicking on the image, and then opening ONLY the image in a new browser tab - i.e. the HTML page which contains SOLELY the image)… RATHER THAN the webpage on which the image itself was saved from (which contains all the other stuff on that webpage, INCLUDING the image).

  1. Is there a way to change THIS behavior also?


If there is already a URL in the referenced document’s Info panel, it will be moved into the Spotlight Comments field. That’s intentional; the source URL is still available.

No, DEVONthink stores the URL of the image, which is supplied in the page’s HTML code. You cannot logically assume that the image URL refers to the Web page that referred it; the image could be located on a different page, site or server. If you need to retain the URL of the page that referred the image, you could manually copy/paste it into Spotlight Comments.

Ok that all makes sense! Thanks!