Images in emails

I have noticed that when I drag and drop an email into DevonThink, the images in html emails are not preserved (they are question marks.) I thought I had discovered the solution under Preferences > Email > . However, even after checking this box I still do not get images in emails. I am reluctant to archive emails to DevonThink until I can figure this out. Thanks for any suggestions!

I wanted to add a few details:

  • I am using DevonThink Pro Office. I just updated to the latest version.
  • I enabled the checkbox that says “Download remote images in HTML messages” under Preferences > Email. But I still get missing images.
  • I have tried both dragging and dropping the message and using the menu item, Message > Add to DevonThink Pro Office, in Apple Mail.
    Again thank you for any suggestions.

Are you toggling the text/best alternative view using the View menu, or clicking on the text/best alternative icon in the Navigation bar?

Thank you! I pressed that button and the images appeared… I never noticed the button before. Is there a way to make it default to Best Alternative or do I need to click it for every message? Thanks again!

Unfortunately there is no way to change the default behavior of this setting-you’ll need to click it or use the shortcut (option-command-p) every time.

That is frustrating, and I see that DT does not “remember” if I toggled the button when I return to the same document. Oh well, thank you very much for the solution! (and for the shortcut too.)